the BRUTAL, UGLY truth of my FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL life.


3:04 p.m. + 2003-11-01 = i'm not happy with this entry. it's just too much "blah."


how to approach this entry...? i think "list" serves best purpose. okay, here are the topics, you may pick and choose which to read by finding the corresponding letter of each topic to its lettered-paragraph.

S-halloween night, the good.

T-halloween night, the bad/the "homo-say-what!?"

U-the woolen skein.

t) i haven't been offered money for letting some guy blow me since i was seventeen. How I found myself in this precarious situation, i do not know. it defies all logic... but there i was, bored out of my mind... knitting in a gay bar. (part of the "homebody" costume.) I drove an hour to have a drink and look pretty and knit, thinking i'd run into a friend (although such gaybar-frequenting friends , i realised a bit too late to turn back, were not in metro area for the weekend... oh well, i just needed out of st. peter for a bit.) anyway, yeah... so some guy offers me a hundred dollars if i'd be "so kind" as to let him portray the vaccuum on my good person. i excused myself with a "maybe..." and a "i need to go to the bathroom." I then left and drove home. Some would say i should be flattered to have been esteemed so highly... (Highly? 100 dollars? um.... my sex is priceless... duh!) besides, what sort of degenerate propositions the guy knitting in the corner? which, in all honesty, is not simply part of a costume... i do actually knit in pubs (knitting needles and lit cigarettes are the perfect defense against unwanted solicitations.) however, that yarn had been tainted, it has been thrown out. and good thing, too. [see section U].

s) so upon returning home from section t, i began to compile all the photos and most words of my man into a black book, now entitled "dirty and sweet." on about my 7th beer, i decided to embark on new pornography session. on my 9th beer, i realised i was roaming in territory i'd only briefly encountered prior. cowboy hat, bathtub, other things not worth mentioning to anyone that won't be seeing these. anyway, then i got sucked into infomercial-land and nearly picked up the phone to order the miracle blade III (that would've been the fault of the beer.) what i really wanted was a candy thermometer since mine has broken. I drifted off to sleep and awoke around 11am. my tracksuit bottoms had untied themselves in the middle of the night and shimmied down to about uppermid-thigh. i imagine brian'd've been tickled pink had he woken up beside me.

u) i received dad's fall tuition money. and though most of this is already spoken for, i still feel as though i have mini-tons of money to spend. and i needed new wool... PERFEKT opportunity to go explore the new wool shoppe, The Woolen Skein. an exorbitant amount of money later and i've the most BEAUTIFUL colours. a scarf=lust/like, mittens=dedication, scarf&mittens!... we're talking obsession/love. and there'll be a hat too, if i've the time (which i can't imagine that i won't since once i've alit in el paso and time will slow down considerably, i'll be in full non-idle hands mode.) the base skein has a strand of colour that reminds me of his eyes... mmm, his eyes. i can't wait to begin casting on (okej, yes, i go orgasmic when presented with splendid wool and new birchwood needles). the woolen skein has filled a void in my life... it's the Yll & Tyll of st. peter. hoorah! and i've already a punchcard started.


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