the BRUTAL, UGLY truth of my FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL life.


9:45 p.m. + 2006-01-06 = 2005... Top20. [[and then some]].


goddamn. this year was hella tough....
but here we are...

1. The Boy Least Likely To*The Best Party Ever* because melancholy is supposed to sound childish.
2. The Hold Steady*Separation Sunday* because a bar band can save your life. (and... i still get some of tad's mail).
3. M.I.A.*Arular* because, um... BECAUSE! [[it's freakin' amazing!]]
4. Sufjan Stevens*Illinois* because any boy that sings about states and is absolutely beautiful in every way weasles his way into my top20list.
5. Sons & Daughters*The Repulsion Box* because nightmares can be oh-so-sexy.
6. The Go! Team*Thunder, Lightning, Strike* because white brits can finally get you to boogie.
7. The New Pornographers*Twin Cinema* because it's the Modest Mouse vs. 10,000 Maniacs album that i've always wanted to hear.
8. Dungen*Ta Det Lugnt* because they do for me what the grateful dead never did.
9. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!*Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!* because neuroses need soundtracks too.
10. Atmosphere*You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having* because people laugh and giggle when i tell 'em where i live and i say, "shhh."
11. Kaiser Cheifs*Employment* / Shout Out Louds*Howl Howl Gaff Gaff* because new-wave nouveau bands don't always sound like The Cure ripoffs.
12. Gorillaz*Demon Days* because some sophomores don't know the meaning of the word, "slump."
13. Art Brut*Bang Bang Rock and Roll* because less IS more especially with a southBritain-accent.
14. Sleater-Kinney*The Woods* because i do not have it in me to argue with reason.
15. The Blind Boys of Alabama*Atom Bomb* because everyone overlooks gospel albums and should not do such.
16. Annie*Anniemal* because norwegian popstresses with indie/punk roots/influences are more incredible than you could possibly fathom.
17. Wolf Parade*Apologies to the Queen Mary* because snowblowing has never been more fun, and Of Montreal drew a shorter straw.
18. The Darkness*One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back* because new-wave nouveau has to be counteracted.
19. Beck*Guero* / Missy Elliot*The Cookbook* because sista and bro are doin' it fo' themselves; mainstays with staying power(s).
20. Bettye Lavette*I've Got My Own Hell To Raise* because i could not come to terms with putting Fiona Apple on my top20. moreover, her voice should/can break one in half... and i say this as a certified stoic.

Honourable Mention [More-or-less, in exceedingly particular order] [[DEEP BREATH, kids!]]:

Matt Sweeny&Bonnie "Prince" Billy*Superwolf*Franz Ferdinand*You Could Have It So Much Better*Kathleen Edwards*Back To Me*The Decemberists*Picaresque*The American Analog Set*Set Free*Anthony and The Johnsons*I Am a Bird Now*Spoon*Gimme Fiction*The Rosebuds*The Rosebuds Unwind*Low*The Great Destroyer*Stars*Set Yourself On Fire*Fiona Apple*Extraordinary Machine (pirated AND real versions)*The National*Alligator*Of Montreal*The Sunlandic Twins*The Clientele*Strange Geometry*

and then,

THOSE albums in which i stand assured of their excellence, but cannot commit to upholding such since i just don't really "get" the full-on buzz of 'em ((which still means that i think they're TOTALLY worth mentioning. ahem... the totally was entirely in CAPS.)): Kanye West*Late Registration*Bloc Party*Silent Alarm*LCD Soundsysterm*LCD Soundsystem*Deerhoof*The Runners Four* because, on one hand, it's BRILLIANT! and i came home once to them in my living room. on the other hand, it's not the sound of the deerhoof to which i send my adoration.The Fiery Furnaces*EP* note, "EP" not that other album. first 5 songs on "EP" = hella noteworthy. second 5 songs on "EP" = ummmmm... kayyyyyyy...interesting.

questions, concerns, suggestions... contact l'guestbook.

as for the "JAM!" of the year....

[[cop-out-style fourway tie]]

1. missy elliots' "We Run This"
2. silver jews' "How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down"
3. the go! team's "Huddle Formation"
4. gorillaz's "Feel Good, Inc."

[[but to be honest, i start most-every "have-time-to/must-make-coffee" morning with "We Run This," as of late.]]


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