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3:37 p.m. + 2004-08-18 = tanya donelly... you owe me.


goddamnit mattson! you fool!

i am remembering my problem with august... it's always the month when favoured and once-favourite artists release new albums. Now, rilo kiley... i can handle. I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting. it's the band of former child stars [troop beverly hills and salute your shorts! fame]'s third album and third label. personally, i wish they were still on saddlecreek... but we don't always get what we want.

I had left work earlier than usual yesterday [for i had arrived earlier than usual yesterday]. Tuesdays=Fridays. so i decided to venture homehome to saint peter for the night. but with leaving work early... i had some wonderful extra-midday time. and since i would be passing by my second favourite shoppingmall [southdale in Edina... southdale which used to be the world's biggest mall back in the day] i figured i would catch a matinee of some terribly cheesy movie that i would be too embarassed to see in the company of anyone that i [even remotely] know. I arrived at 2pm. I bought a ticket for the 2.40pm showing of Alien v. Predator. i went to Sam Goody during my time-to-kill. i wasn't going to purchase anything... i just needed to hunt out this Top40 Country duo that are [apparently] rather gay and sing a song, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy." I couldn't remember if their name was Big&Rich or Rich&Big... and during the search for every possible combination (oh, i started in the pop/rock section, just hoping that i wouldn't have to go to Top40 Country section) i found the new rilo kiley album.

but i couldn't purchase anything at sam goody... ISH! so I decided to wait and I would go to tunetown in sanny p. and buy rilo kiley there.

the thing about tunetowns [there's three o' four of 'em throughout southcentral mn] is that they have a very long, very detailed, very inclusive list of the new releases for the entire month...

luckily, the new muffs album was not in stock. luckily, the new old 97s was overpriced and i knew i'd be returning to the land of the sweet sweet Electric Fetus today so i could, perhaps, purchase it then... with the muffs... and get that 10% discount.

so i went to the electric fetus. beelined to the muffs. old 97s was only 10.99.

and then BOOM! corner of the eye. new tanya donelly album.

[[shit, fuck, piss.]] i really liked belly. i still really like the King. I from time to time can enjoy a tune or two from tanya's first solo album. the second effort has only two songs that i can stomach....

i should not purchase tanya donelly...she has gone much too contempo casual/dressbarn for me!

i bought it anyway. i figure i owe it to her to give at least a listen. chameleons can be tricky... and with throwing muses to breeders to belly to solo sound #1 to solo sound #2, i figured there would be a chance that she wouldn't have gone in the direction toward which she was certainly heading with the last album. i used a li'l faith to make this purchase.

ew. yuck. ishy.

[and that's after only-skimming through four songs.]

there are too many things in my life that i bear because i used to like them. there are too many things in my life that i bear because they may grow on me. and suddenly we're not really talking about music anymore...

which reminds me... dear andymonkey, thou shalt not read this as emotional turmoil. and thou shalt especially not pass it on in form of pseudo-gossip to friends that are not connected to the internet, that i am in emotional turmoil. [i'm not yelling, i'm just sayin'...] [[mama talks to his mockschlessers too.]]

hmm. i need something new and shiny and brilliant and fantastic. i may use a credit card.


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