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4:56 p.m. + 2003-06-14 = catchup, catchup


okej. so much to catch up on. let's try to do this in orderly fashion...

so, day post-graduation (june2), i start to feel ill. nathan is in mpls from san fran and amby, bethany, andy and i make plans to visit him whilst he's in-state. i choke down some dayquil and we all have a lovely little visit with nathan. i return home with ambryn, bethany and andy. i go to bed. i remain in bed until june 6th. it's the return to the death bed. hospital was visited. throat cultures were taken and blood was drawn. all tests are negative but the doctor "has a hunch" that it may be strep, despite the fact that all three throat cultures proved negative for strep and my fever was far too high to be anything bacterial. whatever! the bastard puts me on antibiotics regardless of these obvious indicators of the otherwise. so i'm unable to drink once i do finally get better. june7,8,9,10,11 go by without much importance.

renae's engagement party was attended in winthrop. i return to the small town for the occassion. i felt absolutely out of place. m'eh. it was still a good time. that was the 7th.

i visited the peacock on the 10th in his newly purchased condo. it's a nice bit of property in st. paul. i had thought we'd be talking about shit that must be discussed. but no. it was all small chit-chat as though we were acquaintences meeting in the dentist's office for the first time in eons. i could not get out of there fast enough. and yes, i'm still in love with him. he hugs me goodbye and kisses me behind my ear. it just felt strange. signals are totally mixed. we need a come-to-jesus talk. instead, i go to bend it like beckham and get stuck in stop-and-go traffic at 9.30pm. the film was good, the traffic defied all logic. that was the 10th.

the 11th, i clean and pack for this youth trip of my uncle's. realize that the new radiohead album is out. make plans to purchase it in the morning.

the 12th. must go to morris, mn to my uncle's home for a meeting of chaperones for the trip to NY. I run to mankato to pick up radiohead and the roots. on the way back in st. peter (less than a mile from home), a beamer attempts an illegal u-turn in the middle of 169. beamer u-turns into my precious buttercup (the green echo). i'm spun to the other side of 169. two huge semis are approaching rather fastly... but luckily i end up on the curb. no one was hurt. the beamer is rendered undrivable. buttercup just has major damage to the passenger's side (can't open the doors). must leave for morris though... can't drive buttercup says la policia. so i take my mum's car which is at home since she's left for the motherland (sweden) that morning. mum's car is a stick. stick's make me nervous. but i make it all the way to morris sans stalling. brilliant. am still sad about buttercup.

the 13th-now... have been downloading song after song and burning cds for the youthtrip which leaves tomorrow. i have tons of pixies, patty griffin, current hiphop/r&b hits, some johnny cash, crappy but catchy "punk" songs by those teenybopper heartthrobs, and amy grant's galileo for the hell of it. no drinking, no swearing, no smoking, 53 10-12thgraders, 6 chaperones and myself in 4 15-passenger vans driving cross-country... ending up in NY after a week of new england, nova scotia and new brunswick. get back late the 29th. will be back in st peter the 30th. i plan on drinking. starting july 1st, i'll be jobhunting, peacock-sorting, and mixtape making.

until then, i bid y'all a adieu... I love the 80s is on and it's allure is driving me insane in that oh so great way. oh! remind me to tell you about irigaray and the attempted mattson pickup in the coffeeshoppe. i haven't the patience right now.


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